Saturday 22nd January 2022 – Reflecting on the Church postCovid

Bishop David was the keynote speaker at this event, marking the week of prayer for Christian Unity, organised by the Luton Ecumenical Dean’s Group which brings together Catholics, Anglican, Methodist and Free Church representatives.

Bishop David emphasised the desire for church unity quoting Jesus in John 17:11 “….so that they may be one as we are one.” He said all are walking very slowly and need to respond with more urgency. We all need to find ways towards dialogue and unity, building bridges with each other and being open to the Holy Spirit. What do we have in common and to work on the differences in love.

Referring to Covid he mentioned that many churches are struggling financially, as are many people who are turning to food banks.

Covid has made many people ask – What is the meaning of life? – and many are fearful of annihilation\oblivion\disappearing – all of which provide opportunities for evangelisation.

He mentioned that at the start of the Church there were many plagues which prompted the wealthy and elites to flee to the countryside. Christians remained in the towns caring for the sick and burying those that died. This Christian Witness brought people into the Church

This event was held at Holy Ghost Church. Rev David Kesterton (Anglican) chaired the meeting with support from Rev Patrick Kandeh (Methodist)