Thursday 27th January 2022 – Holy Ghost Synodal meeting

Synods are an ancient form of church gatherings, stretching back to the Acts of the Apostles.  Now Pope Francis is asking us to gather in the same way. Parishioners from Holy Ghost Church met on Thursday 27th January 2022 to discuss three questions:

Q.1 What are our dreams for the Church?

Q.2 What are some of your experiences of the Church doing something well?

Q.3 What are some of your experiences of when things have not gone so well?

A very fruitful meeting was held, with contributions including:

*           Our Church must remain faithful to Church teaching.

*           Our Church must keep reaching out to youngsters and trying to keep them involved.

*           Our Church must play a full part in its community, doing good works, as it has done since its beginning.

*           We are very blessed in Luton and Dunstable in having good and faithful Priests who provide frequent opportunities for Mass and Eucharistic Adoration.