A candlelit Vigil was held outside the Abortion Clinic in Cardiff Road, Luton to pray for the end of abortion and to pray for all the babies killed physically in that building or via chemicals distributed from that building.

One married couple approaching the witnesses said they were horrified that when they informed their doctor of her pregnancy, that without any prompting, the doctor offered an abortion. It just goes to show how far our culture is degenerating that a pregnancy is now seen as an illness to be dealt with rather than the pure joy that it is.

Another lady was delighted to hear that those present were praying for all the babies that had been killed in the clinic and thought it was a wonderful thing to do to help those babies on their way.

On Halloween so many people’s minds are turned away from God, this quiet witness provided a small counter.

This vigil might become an annual event if that abortion clinic remains in Luton.